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About Us

Made in JAPAN!

We are a Japanese leather goods store that does everything from Development to Sales and Repairs in house.

The craftsman directly responed to your requests and make products that any customers can use with peace of mind.

Since the workshop and the shop are together, you can see the production of Leather products.

"Why don't you get your one of a kind  in the world leather product?"

What is Niten Ichi-ryu ?

 It is a swordsmanship devised by the famous Japanese SAMURAI "Musashi Miyamoto."

 He was the strongest Japanese SAMURAI who lived 400 years ago never lost a fight.

 He had various talents, and not only was he a swordsman but he was also a martial artist and an artist.

 As you can see in the picture, the Niten Ichi-ryu fighting method is a two-sword style, and the length of the sword is different.

 A long sword is used for opponents far from you or big opponents, and use short sword is used for close combat or quick opponents.

 We like him, will deal with anybody(=customer) and deliver a better product that suits them!

 We are aiming to be a craftsman who can create not only leather products but also community development.

 "We inherit his SAMURAI Spirit..."


Musashi Miyamoto


List of stores

Niten Ichi-ryu Sohonpo

Nakayama Store

  2-22-20, Motonakayama, Hunabashi-shi, Chiba 273-0035, Japan
 TEL  047-332-4200
   7 Days week. 11 to 7
   No parking available

Niten Ichi-ryu Sohonpo

〈Nakayama Factory〉

 Aisada Second Building F2, 2-14-8, Motonakayama, Funabashi-shi,  Chiba  273-0035, Japan
 TEL  047-302-7950

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